Here at Yuko, we have our very own straightening expert Emma Temenes.  Having studied the art of straightening hair internationally in the UK, Singapore, Japan and Australia, Emma now heads the Education at Yuko Hair Australia and ensures our Salons receive the optimum training and education available.

Emma fly’s to Japan each year to ensure she is kept up to to date on all that Yuko have to offer.  Back here in Australia, you will find Emma working in her own Salon in South East Queensland two days a week and the rest of the time she is flying around the country delivering Yuko’s education.  “I am so proud and excited to be involved in Yuko’s education programme.  There simply is no other hair straightening company in Australia willing to offer the level of commitment we have to educate our salons.  Our aim is to create a Yuko Expert in each and everyone of our salons around the country” says Emma.

As well as dedicating time to Educating Salons in the Yuko techniques, Emma looks after the straightening needs of many happy clients on the Sunshine Coast.  “Having a Yuko straightening treatment can be life changing for many of my clients.  I look after clients that used to struggle daily with their hair.  Wasting hours each week on styling and straightening their hair and battling constantly with the Queensland humidity…….

“there is nothing more satisfying that seeing the look of pure amazement when clients see and feel the finished results that Yuko deliver.  Smooth, Moisturised and Healthy hair that moves and falls like naturally straight hair should”.

Check out some of the amazing results Emma has produced for many women on the sunshine coast using Yuko Straightening System:-


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