Welcome to the new Yuko website

Whether you’ve been a fan of Yuko hair straightening for some time, or just finding out about this amazing hair straightening system, we’re delighted to introduce you to the new Yuko website.

A great tool for hair care professionals and clients

We’ve worked hard to ensure that the new website showcases the best of this amazing product, and we hope you’ll agree that it’s easier to use for haircare professionals and those of you looking to embrace the Yuko system for fabulous hair. Not only is the new site easier to navigate, it provides clear information about Yuko, including a handy Q&A section for clients considering the treatment, and lots of news about the product. Registered salons across Australia are also listed on the website, giving customers easy access to this resource.

For hair care professionals, the new site offers plenty of information about how to become a registered salon, where training takes place, and marketing support. It will be a great resource for you to point your own clients to if they have questions Yuko.

Spreading the word about Yuko across Australia!

Ultimately, the website is all about the Yuko system, which really is the number one system available for hair straightening, and for hair straightening products. There are now 70,000 salons across the globe offering this unique alternative to other damaging chemical straightening processes on the market. Here in Australia, we want to spread the word, so we’ve taken the opportunity to include a number of testimonials on the new website – check out the link on the right hand sidebar. You’ll find that a number of nationally and internationally acclaimed Australian salon owners have personally recommended Yuko treatments as offering the solution to beautifully straight, healthy looking hair, whether you’re a salon professional or someone looking for the answer to great hair. As well as testimonials the website has some great ‘before and after’ pics which show the great results that can be achieved with Yuko techniques.

So take a look, explore the website – see what’s new and enjoy this platform that we’ve developed to make the Yuko experience even better for our salons, and our clients. Sign up to our newsletter for regular updates and make the most of all Yuko has to offer cross Australia.