What is the main active ingredient in Yuko?
Ammonium thioglycolate is the active ingredient that changes the internal structure of the hair.

Does Yuko contain formaldehyde?
No Yuko does not contain formaldehyde or any carcogenic chemicals.

How is Yuko different from other straightening system on the market?
In addition to being a state-of-the-art straightening system, YUKO is also a recognized technique of restoring health to the hair. The YUKO procedure holds a patent in the USA, Japan, New Zealand, turkey and many other countries around the globe.

Is Yuko a good alternative to Keratin?

There is definitely room for both Keratin and Yuko in any Salon.  Keratin Treatments struggle to get very curly hair straight.  If you client is looking for a Straight, Wash and Wear look, then Yuko is most definitely a great option to offer and still leaves the hair beautifully shiny and healthy.

What is the difference between Yuko and other Keratin/Brazilian treatments?
Yuko is a Japanese Chemical Straightening system that permanently changes the hairs internal bonds, leaving the hair straight. Keratin and Brazilian treatments work by temporarily coating the hair to make the hair feel smooth. The treatment washes out after 3 months.

How much should we charge a client for a Yuko Service?
The average treatment takes around 3-4 hours. We suggest charging between $120 – $150 per hour for a full service.

How often will Clients need to have a Re-growth application of Yuko?
Depending on how curly the hair is to begin with will depend on how often their re-growth will need to be applied, we suggest anything from 4 – 6 months before applying a re-growth application.

How important is it for Clients to use the YUKO home care?
Yuko’s home care range as been designed specifically to support hair that has gone through a Yuko straightening process. The technology and ingredients contain in the home care range ensure long lasting results and hair that looks and feels healthy.

Can I do a YUKO Straightening and Colour at the same time?
No. You can colour your clients hair either 2 weeks before or after the YUKO service. Applying both service’s together may result in damage to the hair.

Can I do a YUKO over hair that has previously had a Keratin/Brazilian treatment?
No. We recommend waiting 3-4 months until the Keratin/Brazilian treatment has completely washed out of the hair. In all cases, we recommend testing every clients hair before a Yuko treatment to be aware of any adverse reaction to other chemicals that may be in the hair.

Can I do a YUKO treatment over hair that has had a different brand of Japanese Straightening?
Applying Yuko to the re-growth are would not be an issue. However, before applying over hair that is already straight, please test a sample of the hair with Yuko Solution before carrying out the full treatment.