Are we STILL harming our Clients and Our Staff?

It is natural as a good hair dresser that you should wish to give your clients exactly what they want.  My  question is where to you draw the line between giving them what they want, and harming them and yourself?

Yuko’s focus, is on providing clients with a compromise that helps solve their hair issues whilst maintaining the health of the professional’s that use their products.

There is NO product on the market that will give your clients the same straight shiny hair as the older keratin products that contained Formaldehyde.  Stats show that 96% of the products claiming they no longer contain Formaldehyde still do.  Most companies have changed the name of the ingredients, and claim their products do not contain formaldehyde whereas after testing, some have showed dangerously high levels of up to 11%

Most Keratin treatments have been reformulated without the Formaldehyde and many salons owners are no longer happy with the results.  The treatment is equally labour intensive, still makes the salon smokey and clients are still leaving the salon with a heavy residue in their hair.

Here is where Yuko’s Anti-Frizz comes into place.

Yuko’s Anti-Frizz offers a solution to the problems encountered with previous Keratin Treatments.

*It is a quick 90 minute smoothing treatment.

*Completed in 4 simple steps.

*No treatment is left in the hair.

*Minimal Straightening required

*Clients leave with their hair feeling soft, bouncy and clean.

*Hair is smoothed, curls are relaxed and clients will enjoy having hair that is so much easier and   quicker to style and manage.

More importantly Yuko pride themselves in keeping chemical content to an absolute minimum whilst ensuring the maximum amount of natural ingredients are used where possible.

So next time you have a customer sat in your chair with a head full of bleach demanding perfectly straight hair, explain we hairdressers are not magicians, we have their best interests at heart and offer them the compromise of YUKO!